The Will Nelson Law FirmMarriage is a unique relationship.  The government grants a couple the permission to get married (by issuing a marriage license) and only the government (through the courts) can end a marriage by granting a divorce. 

Divorce actions are heard by circuit court judges in Florida.  Santa Rosa County has four circuit judges and family law matters, including divorce cases, may be heard by any of these judges.  Many Santa Rosa divorce cases may also heard by a general magistrate who serves, under the supervision of one of the circuit judges, as an additional judge who is empowered to hear cases and make decisions.  Whether heard by a circuit judge or the general magistrate, all aspects of the marriage are usually resolved during the divorce process.  Each marriage is unique based on the circumstances of the family, but the areas that are often subject to litigation include: 

  • Division of assets and debts;

  • Child custody and child support;

  • Alimony (also called spousal support);

  • Possession and ownership of the marital home;

  • Division of businesses or other non-tangible assets; and

  • Any other issue which impacts the couple or the family.

Some divorces may be less complicated because the parties have agreed concerning how to resolve these issues.  By contrast, contested cases, where there is disagreement between the parties, can be complicated and are often emotional and challenging . 

If you are considering a divorce, or are involved in a divorce case and feel lost in legal system:

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